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What can AudioFraternitydo for you? We give you the tools to showcase to the world your acoustic prowess via our own on in-house infrastructure. Take a look at the variety of our audio/video broadcasting and hosting solutions and rest assured that AudioFraternity™ can provide and support whatever your needs are, we can accommodate.

Working in collaboration, your brand is best served with a provided that can adapt instantly to your growing ambitions as the products we supply are built to elevate you from Startup to Stardom™. That’s why we at AudioFraternity™ are here, “Synergizing Solutions to your Audio Ambitions™”.

What are AudioFraternity™ Family of Services?

AFB: AudioFraternity™ Broadcaster 365: This our audio broadcasting servers from which we build your Online Radio Station. Theses services are available in two flavours.

Broadcaster 365 an individual  audio streaming solution with some customizable options

Dedicated Broadcaster 365 A dedicate server for those that require a unique audio streaming collaboration.

AFDJP: AudioFraternity™ DJ / Radio Show Portal: Is the perfect solution for DJ’s/ Radio Station that don’t want to manage their infrastructure. More info can be found on AFP

AFH: AudioFraternityHosting Our website hosting service. More details can be found on AFH webpage

AFP: AudioFraternity™ Promotions Promote your business on our AudioFraternity™ website. More info can be found on AFP webpage

For more information on any of the services just complete the contact page, and we’ll get in touch.

We wish you well in your endeavours.

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Discuss your Website Hosting or Audio Streaming requirements or have project and your sure how to get started we can help your maximum potential. I’m sure we can help you figure it out so book and 1 to 1 meeting lets put a plan of action together and get your website hosting or audio streaming so the world can finally know who you are.

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