AudioFraternity™ Hosting


Our hosting services use WordPress templates, and when you sign up, we create an essential website for you which your free to amend. We just create the essential website to get you started including your audio stream radio player is embedded.

How to get started: The default package starts at 1GB hosting space so you can upload images, etc. to promote your brand. We also install a set of plugins to help get you started, and we recommend you take the time to look at the website settings and learn them before attempting any changes.

What if I want to change the WordPress theme: If you want a more sophisticated website we can recommend or help you find solutions to accommodate your needs as this is your website. You have as much freedom as the 1GB allows and are not generally very large. Check the size of the theme with the provider.

Can I get additional support: Additional support is offered at a reasonable rate be it a one-off or continuously SLA agreement. We just add it to your monthly subscription, and please remember that you’re free to have your own Web Dev maintain it as long as you trust them. If you hand over the keys to the kingdom, you might find yourself dethroned.

What are the fees: There is a one-off setup fee starting £40 which includes a, .uk, or .co domain name to choose. Domain names vary in price, so will the setup cost as this amends as applicable. Some domain names registrars are more reasonably priced, but it is up to you to choose the one which represents your brand.

Can you handle all that domain stuff? We can manage your domain name alongside the hosting however rest assured that it is you who owns it, we are just facilitating on your behalf, and we’ll make this clear in all correspondence. If you have your own provided you need to amend the Name Servers to point to AudioFraternity however we’ll discuss that with you.

What can I do once I have access to the website? It’s then your responsibility to maintain your website and make it look “absolutely fabulous”. There are loads of content online about WordPress, and we encourage you to use it. We’ll help you along the way as best we can under the agreement and if you want us to manage, e.g. WordPress themes, plugins, etc. then we’ll discuss that option. We know some web devs that would be happy to work on your project and we’ll liaison them on your behalf. Whatever you need, we’ll try and facilitate as best we can.

What happens next: We’ll email you your WordPress login details, e.g. URL, username and password, etc. using the correspondence you gave us and then your good to go. We look forward to seeing your brand reach its full potential.

If you have any question, please complete the contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

Thank you, Godspeed