AudioFraternity™ Promotions

Advertise Your Business, Venue or Brand

We know your business is critical to you, whether your established or a start-up. Giving your business as much exposure as possible is very important, especially the right kind of exposure can go a long way. That’s why offer your business the opportunity to have your business front and centre on our AudioFraternity website homepage.

If your a promoter having one or several events that need promoting, we can accommodate, or if you want a permanent fully-featured banner front and centre, again we can provide.

Check our homepage we have listed a few to showcase what we can offer you. Just get in contact with us and thoroughly discuss and get you the exposure your venture deserves.

View our promotional profiles we can promote a broad range of events from festival to bars

Glastonbury 2020

Field Day 2020

JuJu Bar (Chelsea)

Fees are dependent on how long you want the promotion to run. The more notice we have, the more cost-effective it becomes with listing start at £10 a month, and one-offs start at £40 we do offer bespoke options, e.g. same promotor but different events scheduled but best to get in contact to discuss your requirements.

We hope you find the information we provided on AudioFraternity™ Promotions helpful and I can assure you we can accommodate your brands’ promotional needs. If you have any questions, please complete the contact form, and we’ll be in touch as we prefer the personal touch of talking to our clients.

“You want to promote, we have the tools & elevate your brand”. 

Many thanks, Godspeed