AudioFraternity™ Radio & Promotion Portal

The AudioFraternityRadio & Promotion Portal is the perfect solution for DJ’s/ Radio Station that don’t want to manage or have their own infrastructure. Everything is managed by AudioFratenrity™  Portal Team who will liaison with you to customise your profile. All you do is fill in the simple document telling us how you want to be represented, e.g. DJ or Brand name, etc and once completed it will appear on the AudioFraternity™ website.

I like the idea of stress free streaming, what do you get?

Dedicated Profile page hosted on AudioFraternity™ Portal We’ll need your collaboration for the initial setup so we can customise your page to represent you. This will also have the Radio Player button embedded to your audience can listen directly on your AudioFraternity™ Profile page.

AudioFraternity Broadcaster 360: Your dedicate audio stream connected to our Audio Broadcast Server. This is how you broadcast your DJ Sets/ Radio Shows.

Radio Station Listing:  Your DJ name or Radio show will be listed on the  Radio Player/Station page, so anyone can find your station.

Radio Show Scheduler: Your Radio Show will be listed on the upcoming show front page banner so when you show is scheduled it will updated and appear on the front page.

This is a static service so once setup the page there are minimal changes or additional charges per changes. If you require constant amends then we suggest hosting your website, which gives you the freedom to amend until your heart’s content. Something your considering? we can help you read more on AudioFraternity™ Hosting.

We are looking at enhancing this service by adding a chatroom feature, etc. however we’ll let you know more in due course.

We encourage you to check out the AudioFraternity™ website to see it in action. If you have any question or would like to test our services and require a demo, please complete the contact form, and we’ll get in touch.

Many thanks, Godspeed