We proudly present AudioFraternity™ Hosting

AudioFraternity™ Hosting is the next chapter is our endeavor to unify and simplify the process of creating a brand that you can be proud of. We all have skills and specialism so during our brainstorm meetings we pulled together decided to create a hosting platform……What, Why, are you mad, why do you want more headaches.

Explain yourselves please, NOW

OK, OK, OK allow me to explain the method in our madness. We provide solutions that work on websites and are used on the internet, so we thought why not build a hosting platform to help those that need a website. it’s important for us not only to provide our clients with audio and video streaming services but we felt bad when we’re constantly asked, “you provide us with these brilliant services but can you please recommended a website hosting providers”, yep you guessed it.

We got tired of recommending and when things went wrong we would be blamed for the recommendation even though we don’t have anything to do with them. We got together and decided, we don’t want to send you on your merry way to figure out the rest yourself and after much debate, we came to the conclusion that like everything else we do it ourselves, let’s build it for our clients and our peace of mind (and headaches).

“We want to make our clients happy, which makes us happy if we can achieve together”

We believe that this solution is a valued addition to our services, so it’s easier for us to collaborate with you in order to bring it all together unifying and simplifying your branding solutions…..simple really