AudioFraternity™ Dedicated Broadcaster 365

What is AudioFraternity Dedicated Broadcaster 365?

This is a dedicated audio streaming server that is customised to your needs. If you require one or more audio streams, you get a dedicated AudioFraternity Broadcast Status Check website with more options available. Complete the contact page, and we’ll get in touch to discuss.

DJs: 3 (Customisable) Listeners: 5000 (Customisable)

Radio Streams: 3, you can create 3 independent audio streams for the different music genres, e.g., HipHop, Jazz, Chilled, etc. We’ll send you the radio player code to embed into your website for each audio source.

Audio & System Check URL:

Unique Connection Credentials:  All usernames, passwords and mount points are all unique to your brand and this is how you connect to the Audio Broadcast Server. No one other than yourself or whom you give access to can connect without these. We implore you to keep this safe and secure and never give out however it’s your choice.

Demo of Dedicated Server Check: to give you peace of mind that your server is available 24/7.

Sound Quality: up to 320K, yes it’s correct we don’t do additional charges per audio quality. You can stream at 128K, 192K, 320K. As long as your audio source is 320K then you stream at 320K. Your sound source dictates the Quality, not us.

Bandwidth Limits: No limitations. You stream when you want, how often you want and at the Quality you wish to. You’re using your internet connection. You just connect to our Audio Broadcast Server and away you go.


The big question is How do I hear my audio source?

use the Dedicated Audio Stream URL and AudioFraternity™ Broadcast customer receives an HTML Radio Player. We’ll send you the code to embed into your website. This gets you started at no extra cost and saves you the headache of finding a solution.

If you would like more information or arrange a demo test of AudioFraternityBroadcaster 365 before deciding then, please complete the contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

Many thanks, Godspeed