AudioFraternity™ offers a variety of support services to our clientele and endeavour to remedy your issues as efficiently and collaborative as possible. They range from viewing our Getting Started Tutorials videos, Priority SLA and a Support Ticketing system

If you need to support please use the following services as applicable?

Getting Started: View Tutorials and FAQs 

Community Forum: Join and support other AudioFraternity users by sharing your experiences or questions.  As they might have already been answered. This is a good place to start. (New service in beta)

Support Ticketing System:  My Ticket is reporting support portal for raising any issues you may be experiencing. (New service).

SLA Priority Agreement: Contact you account manager:  Your (AMC) Account Manager Contact details will be in the email we sent you depending on your service\product agreement, Please check your email. You can also raise a support ticket via My Ticket if urgent and/or check the forum as questions may already be answered.

We are constantly reviewing our assistance procedures and policies. We’ll inform you of any changes. Rest assured we are here to meet your support needs swiftly and coherently to resolve any issues. Please get in contact.

Many thanks, Godspeed