I know you have questions so seek and you will find

Why AudioFraternity™? We offer many solutions under one roof that’s our beauty. We’ve been where you are now looking for an answer and having to contact many suppliers and spend our configuring many portals it can be frustrating and confusing. AudioFraternity™ aim to relieve you from all that from the getgo. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Through collaborate and constant communication to make sure you get entirely best support for what you need; however, your free to go back to the old ways of portals after portals, cost after cost, one company for this and one for that.

What is AFB? AudioFraternityBroadcaster“, this our audio streaming service from which we build your Online Radio Station. Using our various Audio Streaming Servers, your audience vibes with you from any country in the world.

Do you have other audio or promotion services? YES, we try and offer as many services as straightforward as possible to get you online and streaming your music. For example, you need an audio stream then the service is Audio Broadcaster 360

You now require a website to promote music, and then the service is AudioFraternity™ Hosting.

You changed your mind and want someone else to manage your site stuff as you just want to play music, then its AudioFraternity™ portal.

As you can see we have lots of solution for lots of eventualities. I’m sure we have a product of services that can help you with your audio endeavours. It’s worth a conversation at least.

I’m a promoter/DJ, and I want to advertise on my venue or gig your AudioFraternity website? Get in contact to arrange a conversation and please checkout AudioFraterniy Promotions and if your venue has entertainmnet, e.g. Bar, Clubs, etc. then please get in touch.

How often are the servers available? As the name suggests, our Audio Broadcasters are operational 365 days a year with 98% uptime, why 98% and not 100%. Please allow us some time for system maintenance 1% and unforeseen downtime which may be 3rd party related the other 1%. However, you can rest assured that we endeavour to maintain a 100% uptime. If you are down, so are we, and this is unacceptable to us.

How do I connect to the audio server? We give your unique credentials to the Audio Broadcasting Server, and you connect using your preferred audio software, e.g. Mixxx, Butt, Virtual DJ or NI Traktor, basically any DJ/music software that has audio broadcasting built-in we recommend. More info on the FAQ page.

What audio quality can I stream at? up to 320K, yes it’s correct we don’t do additional charges per audio quality. You can stream at 128K, 192K, 320K. As long as your audio source is 320K, then you stream at 320K. Your sound source dictates the audio quality, not us.

How do I hear my audio source? Every AudioFraternity™ Broadcaster customer receives an HTML Radio Player. We’ll send you the code to embed into your website. This gets you started at no extra cost and saves you the headache of finding a solution; however, you don’t have to use it; there are many alternatives to choose.

What my requirement: Your requirements are simple, (1) Internet connection, (2) computer\Tablet and (3) audio software that enables live broadcasting and must compatible with your device, e.g. controller, turntable & mixer and (4) website or portal to promote your brand.

What if I don’t have a website? Check out  AudioFraternity™ Hosting or AudioFraternity™ Portal You’ll need to embed the Radio Player code to hear your audio stream so your audience can find, listen and follow you to build your brand.

You seem to have it all covered, but I’m not sure? As I said, we try to empower you, whatever your needs are. “Startup to Stardom™” AudioFraternity™ is here to help.

Please check the Products & Services page or contact us to arrange a conversation or demo. All we can do is provide you with services that others don’t, or we feel they can comprise and overcomplicate and want to make it simpler.

AudioFraternity™ is a single point of contact for all your promotion, streaming, website, Hosting and audio services needs. contact us to arrange a conversation or demo

How do I get in contact? We’re old school and prefer the personal, conversational touch, and we’ll be happy to call you to discuss your needs. We hope this answers many of your questions, and we updated continuously. If you have more or want to have a conversation or demo please just contact us and let the good times roll.

Many thanks, Godspeed